Wrap on delivery box truck

Advanced Military Packaging is excited about the new vehicle wrap on our delivery truck.   The graphic design of the wrap flows with our website and is a welcomed outdoor advertising and marketing addition.  The AMP delivery truck travels between Oshkosh and Milwaukee regularly, transporting material and delivering finished goods.  With our daily routes and various trips to and from the Milwaukee area our truck is sure to make impressions on the US 41 corridor while we make our brand more recognizable to potential customers in both northeast and southeast Wisconsin.  AMP is a veteran-owned small business and ISO certified. adinc.us.com box truck2

We offer the following services:

  • Military, Commercial & Export Packaging
  • Warehousing, Kanban & Order Fulfillment
  • Engineering, Design & Testing
  • Parts Washing & Assembly
  • Crates, Cartons & Supplies
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