Part Washing

If your company has components that have become dirty, AD Incorporated has heavy duty parts washers for tough parts cleaning jobs.  Our team has the capability to clean, wash, and apply rust preventative with our industrial heavy duty parts washers.  We clean ferrous metals parts in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cleaned parts are then packaged according to your requirements and delivered to your production facility, or shipped directly to your customers as needed.

We specialize in the removal of cosmoline type rust preventatives in our multi-stage closed cabinet parts washers.  Our parts washers use a custom mixture of heat, hydraulic impact pressure and alkaline detergents that have constant pH monitoring.   We are well equipped to efficiently remove those waxy brown transparent coatings making your parts ready for their intended application.

By having AD Incorporated handle your dirty work it allows you to focus on your core business, free up valuable floor space and avoid EPA concerns.  We are prepared to free you of the worries associated with parts cleaning with a cost-effective solution.

  • Multiple Parts Washers
  • Rust Removal and Prevention
  • Grease and Dirt Removal
  • Inspection