Wood Crates

Advanced Military Packaging is a leader in Wisconsin for custom designed wood crate and corrugated carton solutions.  Beyond packaging engineering, design and physical packaging, we manufacturer custom wood crates.  When shipping items that are heavy or fragile the importance of a well-designed custom crate helps to ensure product reaches its customers without any surprises.

Not all wood crates are the same.  Wood crates intended for international transportation must meet certain IPPC requirements.  These requirements may call for fumigation or heat treatments to prevent harmful insects from traveling overseas.  Advanced Military Packaging uses heat-treated lumber that meets all ISPM-15 requirements.  We ensure compliance of these regulations as a wood packaging facility through certification with Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA).  All lumber and finished products are inspected frequently by a NELMA certified inspector.

Currently, two types of treatments for Wood Packaging Material items are prescribed in ISPM 15:

  • Heat treatment (HT), and
  • Fumigation with methyl bromide

Heat Treatment requires that each solid wood component must be heated to a minimum of 56 degrees C (133 degrees F) for 30 minutes at the core of each piece. Composite wood products such as plywood, particleboard, oriented strand board (OSB), flakeboard, and veneer are exempt from this standard due to the fact that high temperatures are used in their manufacturing process.  OSB crates may have a mix of solid and composite wood products depending on the design.  Sides, tops and end panels of boxes will have Spruce-Pine-Fir(SPF) cleated lumber on the ends of the OSB panels for fastening them together.  All cleating used for these purposes will also be HT.

Our crate services include:

  • OSB Crates
  • Military Specification Crating
  • ASTM Specification Crating
  • ISPM-15 – Heat-Treating (HT) for Export
  • Re-Useable OSB Crates
  • On-Site Crating & Packaging
  • Crated panel box styles (ASTM D 6251)
  • Box cleating arrangement styles (ASTM D 6256)
  • Box panel composition types (ASTM D 6251) Type III – Plywood and oriented strand board
  • Box base types (ASTM D 6256) Type I – Plywood base, Type II – Lumber base
  • Crate to Pallet
  • Packaging Testing